Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cute Pictures

Here's Cayden and Dad watchin the Cowboys game
Just playin'
Trent was trying to get some cute shots of his feet...I dunno about you, but the toe jam is somewhat of a distraction to me
What a little angel, sound asleep in his crib
...And then there are other days...I don't know what he did to wake up like this, all I know is this is not how we put him in his bed!


So, the other night we were eating dinner and I got a piece of broccoli stuck in my teeth. We had to run out the door right after so Trent wouldn't be late for his soccer game, so I thought that I would just floss on my way. Well, I usually keep some floss in my car for this very reason, but when we got on the freeway I realize that it's not there! I had this bright idea that I would use a piece of my hair to floss it out. It apparently wasn't a very good idea because the hair broke in between the teeth and it was too tiny to pick out, so I had to leave it there until we got home and I could use some real floss. So I had to sit through the whole soccer game with a piece of broccoli AND a piece of hair stuck in my teeth!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Story Time

Cayden loves books! He gets so excited when we read stories together, and he talks the whole time.

Remember to Press Play

Sunday, November 23, 2008

What's Cayden Up To?

Here are some new pictures of Cayden. He turned 3 months old on November 19th, I can't believe how fast he is growing!
First time in the highchair. He can sit up in it for about 5 minutes and then he slowly slips to one side.
Getting ready for a bath.....
He is so long...96th Percentile!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

St. George Trip

Last weekend my parents took Cayden for us so Trent and I could have some time to ourselves. We went to St. George and stayed at my Grandma's was so fun! I can't believe how easy it was to do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted, and not have to worry about what time naptime is, or if we had diapers and wipes and pacifiers, etc.
It was the perfect little break and although we had a great time, I think we were both more excited to see our little baby when it was time to come home then we were to leave.
At Dinner


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First Time Tag

8 TV shows I watch:
1. Survivor
2. Still Standing
3. Modern Marvels-History Channel
4. How It's Made-Discovery Channel
5. The Hills
6. America's Next Top Model
7. Oprah
8. ESPN-Constantly

8 favorite restaurants:
1. Red Robin
2. Brick Oven
3. Macaroni Grill
4. Cafe Rio
5. Bajio
6. Outback (when we're celebrating)
7. Wendy's
8. Quiznos

8 things that happened yesterday:
1. Fed Cayden at 7:00am (with Trent's help) and was at school by 8:00am
2. Went to school for 14 hours
3. Took a test
4. Fell asleep in a cubicle at school for 40 minutes while studying
5. Ate leftover Costco pizza for dinner at 10:00pm when I got home
6. Fed Cayden (with Trent's help)
7. Changed Cayden's poopy diaper
8. And then Trents...jk

8 things I'm looking forward to:

1. Graduating in Spring 2010
2. Everyday I look forward to coming home and seeing my 2 boys
3. The day Cayden can give me a huge bear hug
4. This weekend...Trent and I are going to St. George
5. Christmas
6. Warm weather
7. Going to Columbia in January
8. Going back to Africa someday

8 things on my wish list:
1. I wish Cayden wouldn't grow up so fast
2. I wish I was done with school
3. A new car
4. To see my sister who moved to St. George for school
5. New clothes...I can't remember the last time I bought new clothes
6. To look the same as I did before I was prego
7. To move out of our condo into a house someday
8. More wishes???

8 things I love:
1. Trent
2. Cayden
3. Rainy mornings
4. Summer nights
5. Learning
6. Oprah
7. Naps
8. When Cayden falls asleep in my arms

8 things I can't stand:
1. Mean people
2. Feeling unprepared
3. Not fitting into my old clothes
4. A mess
5. Being sick
6. White Cheddar Popcorn
7. When Cayden has slobber all over his face
8. Trent does this thing where he flicks my upper lip with his finger and I hate it

I tag...anyone who wants to do this!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

Cayden was Superman for Halloween. He didn't know he was superman, but he sure looked cute!

On his way to save the world...

And as Clark Kent...

Murder Mystery Dinner

Jeff and Amber invited us to a murder mystery party for Halloween and it was so much fun. I was an opera prima donna from 1928 and Trent was a jewelry salesman.
Trent and Me

Tiff and Lance

Jeff and Amber

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our Little Family

Idaho Trip

During fall break we took a trip to Idaho for Cody's wedding. Grandma and Grandpa Beckley met Cayden for the first time, and Cayden sure likes them. We all had lots of fun, like always. Here are some pics.
Trent, Perry, Grandma and Grandpa Beckley, Cayden, Tiff, and Ashton
Grandma Jo and Cayden
Grandpa Dale and Cayden
Perry Snoozin'
Grandma's Homemade Apple Pie....YUMMY!
Brushin' My Teeth
Cute Little Ashton
Grandpa and Ash

Friday, October 3, 2008

Aunt Ricci's in Town

Ricci came home from St. George and we went to lunch. Cayden was so happy to see Aunt Ricci! Here are some pics of the family.
Grandma and Grandpa

Aunt Ricci

The Girls (and Cayden)

Proud Parents

Fishin' Trip

Dave and Shawn invited Trent to go with them to Strawberry for some fishin'. Trent was SO excited to go catch himself some dinner. His favorite thing is to bring them home and cook them matter how small they may be! He brought 2 fish home, one for each of us. How thoughful! They were full of tiny bones, but they weren't bad. Way to go Trent!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Strong Boy!

***Be sure to hit PLAY***
This video was taken on September 2nd. Cayden was only 2 weeks old when he started turning his head from side to side! What a strong little boy! I would stand on the other side of him and call to him and he would turn his head to find my voice.

Grandpa Perry came to visit us and meet his new grandson...Cayden sure loves his Grandpa!

Dad took Cayden for a walk past the stadium during a football game. Cayden was able to experience grass for the first time and kinda liked it! Cayden loves hanging out with his dad!

Look, No Hands! We just bought this and it is pretty cool!