Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Little Guy

Here are some pics of Cayden's first haircut ever. We had to stop the orange mullet before if got too out of control.

Trent loves to push Cayden 300 miles per hour on his little car. On your mark....get set....


Notice how Cayden holds on tight with his hands AND feet, and Trent holds on tight to his shirt


Hangin out, eating Cheerios with Papa

Our favorite thing to do....brush our teeth!

Popcorn with Dad

Best friends

Why are the sleeping pictures always so cute?

Close up of the feet...I LOVE it!

So cozy

He is too long to lay in his crib width-wise, so his feet stick out the end

There is nothing better than waking up with your blankets

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I found Cayden the perfect pirate costume, so Trent and I decided to be pirates as well. Then we found out my mom and dad (who dress up every year) were also going as pirates, so we HAD to get a pirate family picture!

Pirate Family

Cayden's first trick-or-treating experience. We took him around my parent's neighborhood and he kept trying to give the people at the door all his candy.

Best scary witch award

Best pumpkin award

Captain Jack Sparrow

Shannon's Halloween party

I'm sure that Halloween will get more and more fun each year. I already know what we are going to be next time!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Here is Cayden with my mom...he loves "getting" all the usual facial features babies love to "get." For example:

Her eyes....

Her ears....

Her teeth....

....and her mole??? What the...?

He loves to give her kisses too

And I mean REALLY loves to give her kisses

Father and son

In a house of boys I have to be a little girly sometimes. I made Cayden put this hat on, and he kept signing "please" and saying "off"

One of many late nights studying

Asleep on our bed...he is getting SO big!

At Lagoon

Trent told me that I looked cute so he wanted to take a picture of me...later he told me that he just wanted to take a picture of the bee on my back

These are the only pics we have of Cayden's sign language...this is "please"

"thank you"

and "more"

Yuba Lake

One of our many camping trips...Labor Day at Yuba Lake!

We got to hold this huge parachute! I know it sounds weird, but it was actually kinda fun. You have to hold pretty tight when the wind picks up.

Trent and me

Swimming with Cayden

I made this hat in Lake Powell...and he looks so cute in it!

With Grandma Toni

Cayden is very excited to find out what the doctor said when the monkeys fell off the bed

My dad playing the infamous Indian scalping game

Trent took the title