Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bear Lake

We camped out at Bear Lake for the 24th of July. Camping with Cayden is one of our favorite things to do!

My parents blew a tire on their trailor on the way up. It was completely shredded! CRAZY!

Trent and Cayden, that water was COLD!

Trent loves pouring freezing water on Cayden's head and watching his reaction

Playin in the sand

Cayden and Mom

I am so grateful for a baby that will take naps ANYWHERE! This is where Cayden slept during the day.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lake Powell

Dave and Cathy invited us to go to Lake Powell with them last summer...and all I can say is WOW! We had such a blast! Here are some photos for you to enjoy...

We ran right out and bought Cayden a life jacket. We were just too excited to wait for the lake, so we had to practice in the bath tub. Cayden loved it! He would kick off the bottom of the tub with his feet and the pillow would bounce him off the top, back down to the bottom. This is hours of fun for a 1 year old.
Cathy and Me

The amazing houseboat...

...that is nicer than my house

Cayden's first time on a boat

Trent couldn't wait to take Cayden in the water. It was a little colder than the tub though, I'm not too sure what Cayden thought...

The Young's have lots of traditions in Lake Powell. One is that all the girls paint the guys' toenails on the first day. I bet you can guess who's signature feet these are. I felt a little bad about totally destroying Trent's masculinity, so I thought I would surprise him and give him a Dallas Cowboys pedicure...however there was no navy blue, so I had to use teal, and there was no white, so I had to use pink. My stars look more like flowers...and I'm a sucker for sparkles, so I couldn't pass up the glitter top coat.

Trent and me out on the jet skis

Playin in the houseboat

Wakeboarding, Trent's an old pro

The ski boat was rocked Cayden right to sleep

My first attempt at wakeboarding.

Shawn was a good driver

And after many tries I finally got up...for like 2 seconds

Kali wanted to get in the pack-n-play with the babies
So I thought we found this bat stuck in one of the propellers, but as Trent was reading the post he told me that isn't true. He said that HE is the one that found the bat and it was floating in the water, so he put it in a cup. Personally, I think the propeller story is better, but he said it doesn't make sense because why would we be under the boat by the propeller? But then again why would anyone put a dead bat in a cup?

Cayden would wake up each morning at about 7:30, before everyone else. Trent and I would take him out on the rocks to play so he wouldn't wake everybody up. He thought it was cool his mom and dad were letting him get dirty

The guys playin games

The lake water was cold, so we would fill up the little pool with warm water from the shower and Cayden would play in it all day. He LOVED the pink pool!


Cayden spent most of his time in the shade

On the last night there is always a huge speed tournament. Here's Trent, Champion of the World, and Katie, 2nd place. No comment....other than I want a rematch.

And another great tradition, everyone does facials on the last night. Here I am putting on Trent's warrior paint
Shawn and Candy


The gang

And Trent on the ride home. He played hard.
Thanks again Young Family!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Finals are OVER!

Yay! Our blog definitely needs a little TLC, so hopefully now that I have a break I can do just that! Here's a preview of my attempt to redeem our blog....

These are some pics from our trip to Rexburg for the 4th of July...and I do realize this is over 5 months ago! :)

Here is Grandpa Del, who passed away a few weeks ago, taking Cayden and Ashton for a scooter ride. What a great Grandpa!

We miss you Grandpa Del!

Me, Tiff, and the babies. That is Cayden in the bonnet...his orange hair attracts the sun

Parade time!

Here we are at the water park. Of course the only time I ever forgot his wipes he blew out his diaper. We improvised...Trent is hosing him down.

This is one tired little guy!

And we can't forget the family pic...4 generations

Friday, November 13, 2009

First Time on a Plane

We went to Costa Rica over the summer to visit Brent, Jimena, and Jeronimo. Brent's house is amazing and we had an incredible time, like always! Of course we were having so much fun that we forgot to take pictures. The only pics we have are in the airplane and at the airport. :( We got some good video though!

Cayden's first time in an airplane...pretty cool

We flew through the night, so Cayden was TIRED! He finally fell asleep during a layover.


...and my $5.00 pedicure. These are stick-ons from the grocery store. They look SO good!

And yes, I'm sad that is all the pictures we have.