Friday, August 29, 2008

First Day of School

I had my first day of school in the Dental Hygiene program at UVU on August 27th. I am so excited to dive into this semester and finally be studying Dental Hygiene! 2 years to go!

Monday, August 25, 2008

We're Home

Everything's going pretty well. We are pretty sleep deprived though...I usually get about 3 hours each night. Hopefully he'll start sleeping longer. He just wants to be awake when the sun goes down. It still seems so surreal that Cayden is ours, and he is actually here. I love my two boys more than anything else in this world!!!

Like Father Like Son...Notice the Arms

With Grandma Toni

With Great Grandma Mannie...I Love You Gramma, Thanks Again :)

First Bath-He Didn't Like This Part...

But Didn't Mind This...

Or This!

Clean Baby!

Asleep in His Moses Basket

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Welcome Baby Cayden

Cayden Craig Vukich

08/19/08 8:23 pm
7 lbs 9 oz
19 inches long

Cayden never entered the birth canal and I never started dilating, so we decided to have a C-Section. The doctor thought that he would be a very large baby and that I would have a hard vaginal delivery if we were to go that route. He was not as big as expected, but his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck 3 times, which was preventing him from dropping. We were able to get him out safe and sound and he is healthy as can be. He is such a mellow baby, and very alert. He looks just like his Dad. I can't believe he is FINALLY here! We couldn't be more happy with our little guy!

Before Surgery

Trent got a little sick in the operating room

Here He Is!

First Bath

With Dad

With Mom

We Love our Little Guy

Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our 2 year Anniversary. These have been the best 2 years of my life, and I am looking forward to the many more years to come. Trent is my hero and my best friend. He makes me a better person and I could not ask for more. He is a great husband, and he is going to be a wonderful father (if this baby ever decides to come is also our due date.) I love you Trent, thank you for making me so happy.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Baby Update

Trent and I could not sleep last night. We were up late, anxious to find out whether or not we were going to have our baby today. There was a good chance that the doctor was going to induce labor. We went in for our appointment this morning and it looks like I am not dilated at all. We set another appointment for Monday. The doctor is going to stretch my cervix and then we will go to the hospital Monday night. We will probably deliver the baby on Tuesday. This is the new game plan, so I guess we'll see what happens. Babies are unpredictable, that's for sure.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Our Hike

In an attempt to induce labor, Trent and I decided to hike to the Y on the 7th, just 8 days before my due date. We were hoping to have the little guy on 8/8/8, only because he would have the coolest birthday ever. I will admit, we would take the cake for the longest hike in the history of all of the hikes to the Y, but eventually we made it. However, it is now the 11th, and I am still very pregnant.