Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winter Pics and Cayden

My mom and dad wanted to get some family pictures, so we went up Provo Canyon and to Utah Lake to take a few with my dad's camera. It was super cold outside, but we bundled up and got some cute ones....

The lake had frozen over, so of course Trent had to try and break through the ice. His plan was to find the biggest rock around and then throw it as high as he possibly could...

....either Trent is "THE MAN", or the ice just wasn't that thick, cause he did break through. If you ask him, he'll tell ya the first is true, and if ya ask me...I'm not really sure.


And these are just some other random pics that are too cute not to post :)

Great Gramma Mannie

The "it wasn't me" look

Cayden loves to put all his rings on his arms and then walk around with them....he is easily entertained

As Cayden was sitting on the step at my parent's house he would say someone's name, then pat the floor next to him and say "right there" until you went and sat by him. He did this for everyone until we were all surrounding him on the step...then he got up and left.

Trying to teach him how to use a least he got one end in his mouth, right?

Cayden reminds me of Trent more and more everyday. I have a feeling I am going to have my hands full before too long....

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