Sunday, March 14, 2010

Family Pics

These are our first family pictures ever...taken a few months ago. They turned out really cute...even though it was FREEZING! Cayden's nose was running like crazy! Enjoy! :)

And this one is my favorite...
Cayden's sweater....$30.00
Photo shoot....$70.00
Cayden's face....Priceless
(and yes, Cayden's sweater was very indulgent on my part...but how could I pass it up?)


Andrea said...

I love the pics! Where did you have them done and who took your pics?

Carly Sharp said...

Cute pictures! I especially love the one of Trent's legs and his hand is on Cayden's head. I don't really know why by I love seeing fathers bond with their sons.

the murdocks said...

What a beautiful family and great pictures! I was feeling nostalgic and wondering how Trent was doing. Hope you are doing well.

Lanie said...

Hey! came across your blog today!
Love the pictures you guys look SO cute!! Haven't seen you in a while- hope all is well!!!