Friday, May 14, 2010

Winter Fun

Trent loves to play with Cayden and Ashton! I I know he has more fun than both of the kids put together. This winter he couldn't wait to take them both one day while we were all up in South Jordan we pulled out the plastic sled and geared up in the marshmallow suits and headed out for some fun in the snow!

I never thought the day would come that Trent would get tired quicker than the kids...but you have to admit, they had it pretty easy here. Trent would make his rounds and stop for a breather and Cayden would pipe up, "Again!" So now it's my turn...

Cayden was having so much fun the whole time...belly laughing from inside all his layers... that we didn't really bother looking at him. It wasn't until we were getting ready to go inside that we noticed that we had been kicking snow up on him the whole time. It was a Dumb and Dumber moment...snot frozen on his upper lip and drool frozen on his chin.

And here are some randoms...

Maybe he is getting too big for his crib?

I saw this pose in a yoga magazine and I ripped the page out cause I thought it would be cool if I could learn how to do it. I showed it to Trent and he was like, "oh, I could do that" and he did it...with short shorts

Trent brought this huge box home from work and cut a door and windows in it. Cayden loved it so much that he practically lived in it for a couple weeks...then I had to throw it out cause it was taking up our whole living room.

When I went to get this little guy up one morning I found him like this...he had somehow smuggled his shoes into his crib and put them on...kind of

Cayden loves Trent to carry him piggy-back all around our house...he reminds me of a little monkey

I don't give as good of rides as dad does...this was right after I had my wisdom teeth out, so excuse my swollen cheeks

And I had to post this video Trent took of me on the way home from my wisdom teeth's pretty funny...I am SOOOO drugged up!


Carly Sharp said...

Megan that video is hilarious and you look terrible. Which is good because it proves that your real and you don't look perfect all the time. :)I miss seeing you all the time so we need to hang out or do something together.

Tay and Jen said...

Trent, love the yoga pose! Impressive.